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11 Oktober, 2010

My Love Is Having A good Day Today ~ His Graduation Day

To, 'you'

From, "mE"

Hi... Salam.. How are you doing? Im sure you are so happy in facing the greatest day today since today is your graduation day.. I actually wanna be there with you and I really want to stand right in front of the main hall doors, holding a bunch of flowers, with my natural beauty face (im sorry, im getting my self into blush..even i know im not pretty as Hanis Zalika, nor Siti Nurhaliza but still I have to thank you for loving me until today..), waiting for you out through the open doors, and watch you walk handsomely to me with your big smile on your chubby cheeks.. And say..

"Congratulations on your hard work  this whole time until you manage to stand here, holding the transcript (hmm actually i know that it was an empty transcript) , and..and.. and.. you look so handsome today..Honestly, you are.."

Trust me , I really want to say that to you and then give you the bunch of flowers. Its not that "LoVE" flowers, but it is a "congratulations + LoVe" flowers, special on your graduation day.

My dream and my hope , is to see you success in your life..especially today.
Im sorry for not being there with you right now..

You must be so handsome today..probably you are looking like this?  (n_n) wooowwwww... (O_O)

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