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30 September, 2010

Tolong Doakan Saya..

Actually, I've been realize something about my body condition lately.. It suddenly shows certain sympthoms yang boleh membuatkan diri sesiapa sahaja mulai rasa risau and maybe takut..

Actually the sympthoms was there in my body in a certain years but only now, I starting to worried and take this thing seriously..

Before this,I thought it was normal..unfortunately, after I meet this nenek who I need her to massage my back to save me from the pain I get from the incident where I accidently terbaring dalam bilik bad.. And during the massage, she also 'check overthere' and again,...check.. and double check.. and she gave me a something seriously advice on it.. (im sorry if my language is very confusing now.. because my mind cannot focus at all)

Only after that, I realized that the pain 'overthere' is much more longer than usual.. and the sympthom which I had met before, hmm.. I.. I.. I am afraid.. And I just need support from everyone.. And I hope the 'pain' isnt that SERIOUS...


2 ulasan:

Hasniyati Md Razi berkata...

take care shida..jg diri baik2 tau

Shidarina berkata...

Baik Has.. T.T thank you... muwah2.. =') you too..

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