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22 September, 2010

The Elders.

Sometimes I always get into confuse with myself regarding on how to getting socializes with others, especially with the elders. There are some kind of people who is naturally pendiam and seldomly talk with the new people they meet. But at least, they are kindly, politely smile to them. But unfortunately, the smile was not enough to the elders that they might think that you are arrogant.. T.T huhu. The elders here means orang yang berumur la.. Let me tell you something.. Firstly, I am not good enough in giving any comment about this.. But one thing you should know, the elders is kindly very sensitive and they want the youngers to respect them.. yes.. respect.. By saying, 'pakcik...' with a small smile, is just simply enough to give a satisfaction in their heart.. Even you are pendiam and seldomly having a simple conservation with the elders,its ok..try harder to try.. =) Why we should respect and love the elders? Because they give birth of us. Because they raise us with love. Because they give us education and knowledge. Fire is hot. Ice is cold. But it doesnt mean that we only need to respect our parents. Who is your teachers? A 6 years old girl teaching you chemist when you are in form 4? No. An adults who is much more elder than you, teach you, and give you the knowledge.Yes..the elders. Yesterday, we was kids. Today, we are teenagers. And tomorow we'll be the elders.If today we dont know how to respect the elders, then how are we going to teach our children to respect us.And of course at that time, we are the elders to them. Hmm lets think before its too late..

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