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12 Februari, 2010

Hello world!!

Let me introduce myself again..

I am Shidarina from Kangar, Malaysia.. (n_n) hi, hi, HI !!!

If you are surprise by the post title just now, So, glue your eyes to your screen for a moments while I'll trying to introduce you , a very special product Called "Aqura Black Soap".

Are you a busy person?

Do you need to stay awake for a long time to stay focus with your work?

Driving for a long journey?

Or are you a student?

Do you need some energy to help you stay awake during your tired, boring classes?

Or do you need extra energy to stay up all the night to study?

HERE, I Present to u the most precious POWER that you heed , known as The Magic Soap That Keeps You Awake and refresh , AQURA BLACK SOAP.

Try this products and you can answer out loud proudly :


Aqura Black Soap

Aqura Black Soap is a product of RAFA and made in MALAYSIA.

Benefits :

~> Softly fairer your skin.
~> Disappearing bad itch on your skin.
~> Refreshing your body for a long time without feeling sleepy.
~> Good to remove pimples.
~> slowing the aging rates.
~> Free-chlorine cleanser.
~> Kills bacteria.
~> Can remove scar.
~> Reduce body smell until 80%

Aqura Gold Soap

Benefits :
-> Skin become softer.
-> Facial cleansing.
-> Help to remove pimples.
-> Can be used as woman feminine cleansing.
-> Can string your skins.




Aqura Black Soap (Sample) 20g = RM 10
Aqura Black Soap 100g = RM 30
Aqura Gold Soap 100g = RM 65

For further information, please visit,

For order via post, please email me through my mail ,